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I have always had a profound fascination with HVAC systems, how they can help us live comfortably in the most hostile environment. I remember perfectly how, when I was younger and lived with my mother, a service technician came over and struck my attention in the field immediately. From that moment, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: to ensure comfortable living spaces for the people!


I love this field so much that I even became an HVAC teacher in the Metropolitan Community College, helping young minds to have the same fascination that I’ve always had! Before that, I used to work in HVAC during my military service, and I became a Master Mechanical Certified.


All of this passion for this industry is transmitted into each of the jobs I perform, and seeing the satisfaction and gratification in my client’s eyes is what keeps me going. Don’t hire your regular HVAC technician, that will do the job without passion, just wanting to get paid immediately. Work with a professional who has a calling, a passion for the engineering of HVAC systems that will go above and beyond for your satisfaction. Work with me, work with DC Refrigeration Technology where I promise Professional Quality Service Guaranteed!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Chaz Wolfe Avatar
Chaz Wolfe
4/29/2020 - Facebook

D&C came out quickly and addressed several refrigeration and HVAC maintenance requests we had. They were timely, super polite and... read more

Denise Himes Avatar
Denise Himes
3/27/2020 - Facebook

David was awesome!!! He dealt with my home warranty company in a timely manner. He did not try... read more

Logan Olson Avatar
Logan Olson
11/06/2019 - Facebook

David and his team dealt with my home warranty company like a boss. The warranty co. kept making mistakes for... read more

Josie Phillips Avatar
Josie Phillips
9/04/2019 - Facebook

David did a good job in fixing my air conditioner. Very thorough and at a good price. I... read more