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Looking For Professional HVAC Maintenance Services in Kansas City, MO? Look No Further!

HVAC Maintenance is my call and passion, it’s what I’ve been doing for years and it’s the thing that got me started in the industry and inspired me to start my own company. So when you work with me, you can rest assured that you are working with a passionate professional that will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs while respecting your wallet. For almost 15 years I have helped countless businesses and homeowners with their HVAC maintenance needs, always ensuring their total satisfaction. 

Let a Professional HVAC Technician Help You

Your HVAC system should be working properly at all times, it’s the thing that provides you with comfort, and most importantly, the air you, your family, and employees breathe. For almost 15 years I have proudly offered HVAC preventative maintenance, making sure that the HVAC systems of my clients work properly, without the need for more expensive repairs, or even a feared whole system replacement. It does not matter if you are a residential or commercial client since I have extensive experience in commercial refrigeration maintenance too!

Organize Your HVAC Maintenance Services With The Help of a Professional HVAC Technician

I strive to work at the convenience of my clients, as such, I can organize HVAC preventative maintenance at your convenience. Whether you require it monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, I will help you, at your request. For me, it does not matter if you are a residential or commercial customer, and I will go the extra mile to assist you in the maintenance of your HVAC and refrigeration systems. Get in touch with DC Refrigeration Technology at (816) 729-0739 and schedule your preventive maintenance!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Chaz Wolfe Avatar
Chaz Wolfe
4/29/2020 - Facebook

D&C came out quickly and addressed several refrigeration and HVAC maintenance requests we had. They were timely, super polite and... read more

Denise Himes Avatar
Denise Himes
3/27/2020 - Facebook

David was awesome!!! He dealt with my home warranty company in a timely manner. He did not try... read more

Logan Olson Avatar
Logan Olson
11/06/2019 - Facebook

David and his team dealt with my home warranty company like a boss. The warranty co. kept making mistakes for... read more

Josie Phillips Avatar
Josie Phillips
9/04/2019 - Facebook

David did a good job in fixing my air conditioner. Very thorough and at a good price. I... read more